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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sick Kitty

Our beloved cat, Krusty, is sick. He seemed fine on Friday Friday night, he seemed like he was going to die. We got a vet appointment first thing on Saturday morning and, while she didn't have an exact diagnosis, the vet agreed that he is a very sick cat. He's currently on two kinds of drugs and they are still awaiting the results of some of the lab tests.

The reason this is relevant to this blog is that it was a wake-up call for us as to what it means to be responsible for someone else's health. And it's a fine reminder of how things don't always go as planned (I can tell you neither of us were planning on spending our Saturday morning at the vets...and we certainly hadn't planned on dropping $500). Parenting 101...sick kitty style.


Chaplin said...

Please wish Krusty the best from me!

Jennifer said...

There's been a major recall of pet foods that were causing kidney failure and pet deaths - could this be related?